After reading the adapted version of Hamlet the students wrote their feelings and opinions about the play.

Written by Lidia Figueroa (4º ESO B)

Hamlet is a prince who tries to avenge the death of his father knowing that he was killed by his uncle, Claudius. He has killed his brother by pouring poison into his ears.

After having talked with his father’s ghost, Hamlet intends to kill his uncle.

Claudius sent Polonius to spy Hamlet. Polonius hid behind a curtain to hear a conversation between Hamlet and his mother, the Queen. Mistaking Polonius for the King, Hamlet kills him.

Eventually, Claudius is killed by Hamlet with a poisoned sword. The Queen and Hamlet both died poisoned, too.


I think that Hamlet is a very interesting play although in the end all characters died. That ‘s why it is a little weird. I think the end might be “happier” without killing so many people.

Written by Santiago Piovene (4º ESO B)

Hamlet was a prince. His father was dead and Hamlet thought he was murdered by his stepfather. He investigated his death and found many clues.

One day, he decided to kill his stepfather as revenge but he accidentally killed other person, Polonius. He was the father of the girl he loved. When Hamlet realised what he had done he became very sad.

In the end, they decided to fight and the result is the death of everyone except Horatio, Hamlet’s friend.

It’s a really tragic story.

Written by Yasmina Martínez (4º ESO B)

This work by Shakespeare tells the story of Hamlet, a prince who after having met his father’s ghost he decides to make known the true causes of his death.

In my opinion this story is very interesting, because there is mistery, but it’s also very sad. In the end, though the truth is discovered, many people died, including Hamlet himself.

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