Cartas para nenas/os refuxiadas/os

A nosa solidariedade: Unha luz na noite.
Colabora o Grupo da Rede de Escolas de Amnistía Internacional.

Que tal se che dá o inglés? Tanto se non dás xuntado catro palabras como se les a Shakespeare de corrido, é probable que haxa nenas e nenos refuxiadas/os que o fagan tan ben (ou tan mal) coma ti e coma nós. Por iso decidimos pasar por riba das nosas dificultades e tratar de poñer os nosos desexos e emocións na lingua máis asequible para todas/os e envialos por WhatsApp ata onde poida facer falta a luz da nosa solidariedade.

Para esta actividade, primeiro escribimos as cartas en 3º ESO coa axuda das nosas profesoras, Xemma (de galego) e Pilar (de inglés). Despois, Gabriela creou este grupo de WhatsApp e toda a xente do Grupo da Rede de Escolas de AI do centro fixeron fotos das cartas e mandáronas ao grupo. Finalmente, Pilar renviou as cartas ao grupo de Refugees Welcome Galicia, que as volveron renviar aos seus destinos.

Reproducimos algunhas das cartas:

Letter for the Refugee

I don’t know you but I know your situation and I know it’s very serious. I want to help you by giving you hope.

Hello, I’m Yahia.

I’m 16 years old, I’m studyng in IES Pedro Floriani Redondela (of Spain). I’m African and I live in Spain. My parents emigrated for a similar situation but it was not that serious. Never lose the hope because that is what keeps us alive and you will get what you are looking for. I hope that no one else will become refugee of war in Syria and the country returns to normality and you can recover what is yours. Good Luck.

Follow me on Twitter: @yahi_pg


My name is María I’m from Spain an little town in Redondela (Galicia), but my mother is Colombian. In Colombia the situation is very difficult. I hope that once you can go back to your country so that you could be happy again. I think that the situation which you are going through, but you have to be very strong.

There are lot of people that are helping.

My school is collecting clothes for you, because we want to give you an respost and I hope this situation will end soon.

I hope the best for you out of this situation

Good luck 💗

Dear friend:

Hi, my name is X_____, but my friends call me X_. I’m a Spanish teenager. I’m 16 years old. I live in Galicia, a beautiful place, but... Who doesn’t consider their own birthplace beautiful? In this moment, my sister and my father live too far from me. Everything started six years ago, when was 10 years old. Since I can remember, my sister cared for me when my parents were working. She educated me, played with me and took to parks and other funny placer... I sheltered beautiful memories. But everything changed one day. My sister went to anogher country for work reasons. At the same time, my parent separated and I was very sad. My exams qualifications went down severely and my mother decided to change me to other school. In this school I made friends, friends today are brothers and sisters for me. With the time, my bad situation much better and I advanced in my life. Today, I learn some what, and this is that life goes on... People come back in our life, but somebody is near all the moments, althought you think the contrary. And other lesson: even in the worst situations, there is always something good. And with this history, best wishes.


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