1st year BAC students have shared their experience in London with both their classmates and 4th ESO groups.

They talked about their host families, the neigbourhood, the tube.
The highlights of the trip were the museums: Natural History Museum because of the dinosaurs display and the amazing collection of minerals and fossils; the Science Museum with a lot of interactive  science experiments and of course the British Museum with the ancient Greek and Egyptian collections.

Most of the students mentioned the market of Candem Town where they could get cheap souvenirs for their families and friends and they could learn how to bargain with the sellers.

Covent Garden was also popular with a lot of buskers and street performers.

By chance we attended the hundreth anniversary celebration of the “Anzac Day”
during the Gallipoli battle. We had the chance to see the Queen, Prince William and Prime Minister, David Cameron who were all present at the ceremony.

The musical Billy Elliot fancied all of us with a thrilling performance.
Once all presentations were over the audience had the opportunity to ask them anything they feel curious about.

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