Poe's World - English literature & Philosophy Project 2014-15

This year's English Literature & Philosophy Project is about Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer who, as you will see, created a new world, the Gothic atmosphere of passion, fear and madness which is now well-known to us through films, music, comic books and, of course, romantic novels.

In our work we'll study the philosophy that's shown in his poems and short stories and we'll try to capture it in our drawings.

The school library will keep us company through our study through this year's project: A journey around the World.

In this PDF tutorial you will find some information on the stories and poems and on the psychological concepts that Poe used before psychologists discovered them, and plenty of links to do your own research:


You may want to download the Word version, because sometimes links don'k work in ISSUU or PDF. Click on this image to do it:

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