Hamlet – Documentation

Our collaborative project for 2013-14 is William Shakespeare's Hamlet, in which we'll work with the Department of English. It includes an analysis of characters, topics and symbols.
But, to kick off, we need some information: The first day, we’ll visit the website SparkNotes, where we’ll watch an animation video summary of the play and learn about the main characters and topics and then we'll go through some details, helped by a multimedia summary. The second day we’ll watch some scenes from Kenneth Branagh’s version of the play.
The project consists on making a big size collage of scenes, characters and quotes from the play, pasted on a drawing of Elsinor Castle and a mural gathering the essays, drawings and summaries that we make to prepare the collage. We include a PDF guide intended to help teachers when preparing a similar study.

1. The filmic version
William Shakespeare's HAMLET.
1996 film by Kenneth Branagh.

Click here to look it up on the IMDB

2. SparkNotes
Click on the PDF
to enlarge it
and learn to use SparkNotes

3. Summary
A Power Point summary
of Kenneth Branagh's film

4. Materials for teachers
These are the organisers we used.

They are a summary of SparkNotes' contents
and include a guide to a 41:58 minute summary of the film

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