Club Atenea 4 - Monkey bars: Analysis

4th session 27th January


We did some text analysis with dialogues of Monkey Bars.
We assigned characters and worked on our character identification.


After that we recorded some of the dialogues (Click on the icons to listen to them).


Who is your character? Write the main features about it. Remember the more detailed description you achieve of your character. The more you work on it the more chances you have to build up a credible character.
Everything may have an influence on your character, try to think about as many nuances as you can.

These questions may help you find out your way:
1. Is it a man or a woman?
2. How old is he/she?
3. Where is he/she from?
4. What’s his/her social status?
5. What does he/she do for a living?
6. Where does he/she live? (suburbs, slums, city, town, village)
7. Where is this scene happening?
8. Is he/she familiar with this place?
9. How does he/she feel about it?
10. Are there any emotional links to it?
11. When is it? Specify the season, the month, the day of the week, the hour of the day.
12. Who is he/she with?
13. How is he/she related to them?
14. Are there any special feelings about any of them? 
15. Define these feelings: love, indifference, hate, compassion.…
16. How does your character move: quietly, jittery, quirky…
17. What is your character like? 
18. What does your character look like? (
19. What are his/her life expectations?
20. How does he / she feel about it?

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