A Midsummer Night's Dream - Our collective work

Here's Shakespeare's most hilarious play, which we worked into three panels: Evening - Night - Morning:

We started here: the documentation post in this blog (click on the image to open):

These are our works (Click on the double-diagonal-arrows to watch the presentations in Full Screen mode):

The law of Athens
Hermia is forced by the law in Athens
but finds solutions in the wood
Mateo Orge, David Vilaboa
The wood
Love and strange couples in the wood
Alberto Núñez, David Rodríguez
The love potion
The love potion causes many changes in the play
María Lago - Ana Misa
What does magic represent? - Magic in the story
Carla Alonso, Ibtissam Moukhass
Magic and magical characters
Luis Prada, Sergio Prieto
Dreams, Magic and Psychoanalysis
Iván Álvarez, María Rodríguez
Magic, Fairies and Symbolism
Tatiana Cabaleiro, Manuel Rodríguez
The supernatural world
The love potion: Oberon, Titania and The Puck
Anxo Táboas, Lois Lago
Law and Order vs Instinct and Chaos
We need both: Law and Order, and Instinct and Chaos
Gabriel Lago, Miguel Mouriño
Apollonian and Dyonisian
An analysis of AMND using Nietzsche’s concepts
Sheyla González, Alba Covelo, Carla Luis
Apollonian and Dionysian
An analysis of AMND using Nietzsche’s concepts
Iván Blanco
Light and darkness
Light and darkness:
the interdependence of reason and passion
Luciano Fernández, Andrés Piñeiro
Gender issues
Shakespeare’s women are no scared wives or daughters
Alba Campos, Jesús Fernández
Shakespeare compares virgin women to flowers
Gabriela Carvalho, Saínza Fernández
Loving couples
Titania, Oberon and the four lovers’ problems
Tatiana Muíños, Paula Amil
Wrong couples
Matching Jacks and Jills
Noa Domínguez, Carla Bras
Names explained and drawings
Irene Aguilar, Ana Carballido
Names explained and drawings
Laura Rodríguez, Rosa Salvador
The play within the play
Is AMND a comedy or a tragedy?
Both - it’s a play within a play!
Patricia González, Lorena Álvarez

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